Characteristics of fibre optic lighting


Fibre optic lighting has been widely used due to its own many characteristics. This paper analyses and explains its typical applications according to different use location and use effect.


1) desktop videoconferencing using the end of the lighting system lighting, and luminous fittings terminal equipped with a spotlight lens vertically irradiated light from the top of the formation of speckles like spots on the desktop, which is suitable for participants to read and write without affecting the interpretation of the slide projector (under the condition that the general illumination fixtures are turned off or the brightness is reduced)


2) The impact of lighting places high, difficult to maintain or can not withstand the load of the final lighting system is applied to the tall dome of the sky full of stars modelling in the hotel lobby, equipped with different types of light lenses transistor tail pipe and rotating glass swatches, it can form a dynamic impact of the shining stars, which is incomparable to the general lighting system.


3)Building outdoor public area guide light using ground tube (line light) system or buried dot matrix guide light (end light) system for marking lighting, compared with the commonly used lighting methods, reducing the light source maintenance workload, no leakage hazard.


4) outdoor fountain underwater lighting using end lighting system, equipped with underwater terminals, for outdoor fountain underwater lighting. The audio signal output through the audio system can synchronously control the light output and light colour conversion. Its lighting effect and safety are better than ordinary low-voltage underwater lighting system, and maintenance is simple, no leakage danger.


5) Building outline lighting and façade lighting using a combination of line lighting system and end lighting system for building outline and façade lighting. Its construction is convenient, the installation cycle is short, has a strong timeliness, and can be reused, saving investment.


6) buildings, cultural relics of local lighting should be used end lighting system, indoor local lighting should be configured with a concentrated light lens type or dispersed light lens type light-emitting terminal attachment. Such as temperature and humidity, ultraviolet, infrared have special control requirements of silk artifacts, painting artifacts, printing artifacts of local lighting are used fibre-optic lighting system.


7) luminous fibre optic light box and billboard lighting lines of soft, easy to fold, not fragile, easy to process into different modes, free from the risk of electric shock, no high-voltage transformer, able to automatically change the colour of light, easy to build and install, can be reused. Therefore, it is often used to illuminate billboards on buildings. Compared with traditional neon lights, fibre optic lighting has obvious performance advantages.