Difference between fibre optic cable and fibre optic


Fibre optic cable and optical fibre what is the difference between them?


Fibre optic cable is made up of a certain number of fibre optic cores, sheathed and protected, and is used for communications, long distance and high capacity information transmission.

Optical fibre is a transmission tool, like a thin plastic wire, which can be used to transmit information over long distances in a plastic envelope. So fibre optic cable contains fibre optic cables.

Finally a kind of cable, cable is made of wire core, insulation, sealing layer, a metal material (mostly copper, aluminium) as a conductor, used for transmission of electricity or information wire is stranded by several groups or groups of conductors, cable is used for transportation hubs, substations and other places, in fact, wire and cable have no strict boundaries, usually we put small diameter, battery, less wire, large diameter, battery, structure more complex cables together.