Non-metallic Glass Fiber Reinforced Core


Technical Characteristics of GFRP Non-metallic Reinforced core

1. Non-metallic materials are insensitive to electric shock, which is suitable for frequent lightning and rainy etc. areas.

2. The optical cable using FRP reinforcement core can be installed next to the power line and the power supply device, and will not be interfered by the power line or the induced current generated by the power supply devices;

3. Compared with metal core, FRP will not produce gas due to the chemical reaction between metal and ointment and affect the optical fiber transmission indicators;

4. Compared with metal core, FRP has the characteristics of high tensile strength and light weight;

5. FRP reinforced core optical cable is bulletproof, anti-bite and anti-termite.

Product specifications: 0.33~3.7mm as its diameter

Product length: delivery length ≥ 25km or customized length according to customer requirements

Technical Performance Indicators of GFRP

 Items Tested


Tensile strength (MPa)

≥ 1100

Tensile modulus of elasticity (GPa)


Bending strength (MPa)


Elongation at break (%)


Coefficient of linear expansion (1/°C)


Specific gravity(g/cm3)


Minimum bending radius (mm)

Dx (25 times nominal outer diameter)

High temperature bending performance

DX (50 times nominal diameter) 100°C+1120h